Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a serious crime, you simply cannot afford to put your future in the hands of an inexperienced defense lawyer. If you do, your rights and your future will be at grave risk.

Because Experience Matters

As a Chicago criminal defense lawyer, Darryl A. Goldberg takes an aggressive and proactive approach in defending his clients' rights and freedom. He believes everyone deserves the strongest and most effective defense possible. Based in Chicago, he defends clients throughout Illinois and across the United States.

Mr. Goldberg focuses on major felony cases, including federal drug charges, murder, weapons possession, sex crimes and violent crimes. His services are truly comprehensive. Whether you are accused of mortgage fraud or need help recovering forfeited assets, your case will be treated with urgency and importance.

If you have already been convicted of a crime, reach out to Mr. Goldberg to discuss appeals and post-conviction relief.

Building a Successful Defense

There is no substitute for hard work and careful case preparation. Mr. Goldberg builds defenses from the ground up, step by step, using not only his own skills and experience, but those of professional investigators and technical specialists as well. In all situations, he is creative, resourceful, and determined to protect and ensure his client’s liberty.

These abilities and qualities have earned him a strong reputation among the legal community for achieving positive results for his clients.

Negotiation as the Last Option, Not the First

It is attorney Goldberg's opinion that some criminal defense lawyers are simply too eager to negotiate a plea. He believes in aggressively defending his clients using all means at his disposal and will work to build a strong and persuasive case designed to preserve their freedom.

A dismissal of the charges or victory at trial is ideal and preferable to any incarceration. As such, Darryl A. Goldberg will only negotiate a plea when that is the most realistic option, and best for you — and then only at your direction. Clients find Mr. Goldberg when trial is the only option.

When a trial is in your future, make sure Chicago criminal defense attorney Darryl Goldberg is at your side. Defending your rights is the most important thing right now.

Contact a Cook County Federal and State Crime Defense Lawyer

Do not let criminal charges ruin your life. Protect yourself by calling Chicago criminal defense lawyer Darryl Goldberg at (773) 793-3196 or contact his law firm online. Your initial consultation is free. Mr. Goldberg represents clients in Illinois and nationwide.

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