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Debunking popular myths about bank robbery charges -- III

Over the last two weeks, our blog has been discussing how the crime of robbing a bank -- so often overlooked in the popular press and so often glamorized by Hollywood -- is viewed in the eyes of the law. Specifically, we've focused on how it's defined and why it's treated as a strictly federal crime.

Debunking popular myths about bank robbery charges -- II

Last week, our blog began discussing bank robbery, a crime that seems to generate little news coverage owing to the frequency with which it is perpetrated, and has long been glamorized in popular films and television shows. We also explored how this reality sometimes causes people to view it as a viable option if they've fallen on hard times, meaning they believe that the risk is worth is worth it, as the stakes are relatively low in the event they are apprehended.

Proposed bill would federalize offense of assault on officers - II

Last week, our blog examined some of the specifics of the Back the Blue Act, which, if passed, would establish a new federal crime prohibiting the assault of federal judges, federal law enforcement officers and "federally funded public safety officers."

Proposed bill would federalize offense of assault on officers

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-TX) made headlines last week by introducing a measure known as the Back the Blue Act, which, among other things, calls for the creation of a new federal crime -- complete with mandatory minimum sentences -- addressing the assault of law enforcement officials.

SCOTUS upholds broad gun ownership ban for domestic violence convictions

Nearly two decades ago, Congress passed a rather significant amendment to the Gun Control Act known as the Lautenberg Amendment, which expressly forbids anyone convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor from either purchasing or owning a firearm.

More law changes for 2016: Body cams, statute of limitations

In addition to the changes to the juvenile justice system that we discussed earlier this month, a handful of changes to Illinois' criminal code took effect on Jan. 1. It may take some time to see the effects of some of the changes, as they address more behind-the-scenes operations (for example, more and improved police training). Other changes, however, will have an immediate effect on how suspects are treated, how crimes are prosecuted and the penalties for certain crimes.

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