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Drug Charges Archives

Illinois methamphetamine trafficking and weapons arrests

It was invented 125 years ago and is sometimes used to treat obesity and attention deficit disorder. Methamphetamine is best known as a popular, illegal recreational stimulant, however. An arrest and conviction for meth trafficking can result in years behind bars.

Part II: Drug cases dismissed after Chicago cops indicted for corruption

Regular readers of our legal blog know that we recently wrote about a pair of Chicago cops who are accused of lying to Cook County judges to get search warrants. Prosecutors believe Sgt. Xavier Elizondo and Officer David Salgado used improperly obtained warrants to conduct searches in order to steal cash and drugs from the homes of those raided and arrest the residents on drug trafficking charges.

Part I: Drug cases dismissed after Chicago cops indicted for corruption

On a cold January day, a Chicago police sergeant and officer carried out a raid as they had hundreds of times before. Using an informant’s tip, they obtained a search warrant from a Cook County judge and entered a woman’s apartment looking for evidence of illegal drug sales.

Is the legalization of marijuana in danger?

At the end of the 21st century, California legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Since that time, more and more states have been following suit. To date, 29 states—including Illinois—have legalized marijuana for this purpose, and six of these states also permit the recreational use of the drug.

Are roadside tests admissible in marijuana impairment cases

In our last post, we highlighted the inherent problems in proving marijuana impairment during a traditional DWI stop. Essentially, police are not yet equipped to scientifically determine whether a driver is impaired by marijuana, and roadside sobriety tests geared towards detecting alcohol impairment could not properly reach those conclusions.

What you need to understand about the 'club drug' ketamine

As much as the décor, the music and the fashions favored by people may change, there is one thing about dance clubs, bars and nighttime hotspots that will never change: the presence of illegal narcotics. Indeed, the reality is that while most responsible owners do everything in their power to run clean establishments, customers and even staff will often find ways to bring drugs onto the premises for use or sale.

Did AG Sessions just reignite the war on drugs?

In recognition of the astronomical cost and grave injustice that has resulted from keeping non-violent drug offenders locked in federal prisons for decades owing to draconian sentencing schemes established roughly 30 years ago, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder formally adopted what was known as the "Smart on Crime Initiative" in 2013.

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