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What to do about being charged with marijuana impaired driving

It is against the law to drive a car while under the influence of marijuana in the state of Illinois. While this is true and in place to as a common safety measure, the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has become as mainstream as becoming a law enforcement officer. While there are many people who now use it legally, there is an important question regarding the number of people who are “high” while behind the wheel.

After all, there is no established roadside test to determine if someone is legally impaired by marijuana. For example, to see if a person is under the influence of alcohol, a driver would be subjected to a breathalyzer test, or some type of other sobriety test. But this cannot be done to immediately detect marijuana use. 

What must be established to prove embezzlement charges?

It is likely that you picture a CEO or businessperson in a suit and tie when you hear the phrase "white collar crime." This is the stereotype of this type of crime: a powerful business person who used his or her position to take asset that don't belong to him or her. And in many cases, this holds true. But in many other cases, the accused person is a bank teller or a lower-level employee who was granted access to a company computer or vehicle.

White collar crimes are serious offenses that carry significant penalties. There are many different types of white collar crimes, and today we want to focus on just one: embezzlement. This is an allegation that involves a person being accused of stealing company property or assets that they were entrusted with.

Can a"proper" warrant still lead to an illegal search?

As with many videos that go viral showing police officers disregarding citizens’ civil rights, the video involving a Salt Lake City police detective and an emergency room nurse is quite disturbing. The officer demands that the nurse draw blood from an unconscious suspect under the auspice of implied consent, but the nurse, acting consistent with state law, refuses.

After a standoff where the nurse’s supervisor directly informs the officer of the hospital’s policy and the law, the officer snaps and begins to arrest the nurse. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and she was not charged with a crime.  

White-collar crime: A family affair

Jason Galanis is the son of John Galanis, a father who provided him with a life of luxury. On his 16th birthday, Jason received a $100,000 Ferrari from his father while celebrating in his family’s $50 million mansion.

The elder Galanis is also known as one of the top 10 biggest white-collar criminals in America. The patriarch left a trail of state and federal criminal indictments dating back to the early 1970’s. He is most famous for bilking the head of the New York Stock Exchange and celebrities, including Eddie Murphy, in a tax-shelter scheme.

Legal representation necessary with federal drug crimes

Drug crimes are some of the most fiercely pursued and punished in the country. There are both state and federal laws that ban the use of illicit drugs, and the consequences associated with these charges can ruin people's lives. Even if they are able to get out of jail at some point in the future, they are often left devoid of options to recover from their crime because their criminal history reduces their chances to find suitable living or a job.

It is for these reasons that it is absolutely critical for people who are charged with a drug crime, especially at the federal level, to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. At The Law Offices of Darryl A. Goldberg, we have handled a wide variety of drug cases in our history and we want to help you with your legal predicament. 

Is Martin Shkreli redefining fraud?

Is Martin Shkreli a notorious, cold and calculating executive who committed fraud by robbing “Peter” to pay “Paul?” Or, is the 34-year-old Wall Street wunderkind a non-conformist who marches to the beat of his own personal and professional drums?

Shkreli gained immediate fame and infamy as the chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals. He first made headlines in 2015 for increasing the price of Daraprim, a drug that treats parasitic infections, from $13.50 a tablet to $750.

The growth of campus violence policies: Constructive or cosmetic?

For student athletes, their past may become career-ending prologue.

Recent high-profile criminal allegations and civil litigation across multiple campuses nationwide shined a bright spotlight on campus violence. Those incidences and increased awareness got the attention of the University of Illinois’ athletic director.

Cook County to introduce major bail reform initiative

Without question, one of the single most controversial aspects of our nation's criminal justice system is its reliance on wealth-based pretrial detention, meaning a system whereby prosperous defendants are readily able to post bail while their indigent counterparts must remain behind bars for weeks, months or even years while awaiting trial.

While some might be tempted to dismiss the significance of this issue, consider studies have repeatedly shown how those lacking the funds to secure their release and left to languish behind bars prior to securing a plea bargain, dismissal or their day in court are far more likely to lose their employment, homes and custody of their children.

DOJ, HHS announce massive health care fraud crackdown

Given all of the recent discussion over the last week about the latest version of the healthcare bill, it's possible that many people overlooked a joint announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price concerning a national health care fraud crackdown.

While you might imagine this was just some run-of-the-mill press conference to inflate the results of relatively minor operation against a few providers, this was far from the case. Indeed, AG Sessions classified it as the largest health care fraud operation in the nation's history.

Bill altering state's civil asset forfeiture law sent to governor

The notion of local or state law enforcement agencies seizing property in connection with the filing of charges probably doesn't sound especially shocking to most people. What may be shocking, however, is to learn that these property seizures can also occur absent the filing of any charges.

Indeed, the civil asset forfeiture law here in Illinois currently dictates that law enforcement agencies have the authority to take personal property -- vehicles, money, homes, etc. -- if it's merely suspected to be involved in some manner of illegal conduct. In other words, a person can see their property taken absent a conviction, the filing of formal charges or even an arrest.

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