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April 2016 Archives

Ponzi schemes remain on the radar of the DOJ

Thanks to recent high profile federal cases, including the prosecutions of Bernie Madoff and Scott Rothstein, more people than ever now know the term Ponzi scheme. However, this knowledge often doesn't extend beyond a baseline understanding that a Ponzi scheme is essentially some manner of white collar crime.

Are white collar crime registries coming to all 50 states?

When most of us hear the term registry used in conjunction with criminal activity, we naturally think of the sex offender registries currently found in all 50 states. Indeed, the last thing we probably think of is white collar crime given the altogether disparate nature of these two offenses and the relative injustice that would result from treating those convicted of financial crimes in the same manner.

Illinois lawmaker criticizes civil asset forfeiture

Unless it has ever happened to you, you might never realize that police can do more to a person they suspect of a drug crime than simply arrest them. Police in Illinois also have the power to seize a suspect’s money, cars, even their home. And they do not have to give any of it back, even if the suspect is never charged with a crime.

Will the DEA reduce the schedule of marijuana?

Marijuana is a staple of the world of drug crimes, though in controversial fashion. Over the years, the calls for marijuana to be decriminalized have grown louder and the topic is no longer on the fringe, as if it shouldn't be talked about. To the contrary, the topic is at the forefront of the criminal justice system, and with states in the United States changing their laws to allow people to possess recreational amounts of marijuana, you can see that the times are changing.

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