In drug crimes cases, what court you’re in makes a difference

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There are a lot of laws on the books to address drug abuse and marketing of drugs in the United States. Every state, including Illinois, has its set of laws. The federal government has its laws, too. As you work your way down through the various levels of jurisdiction you find that individual counties and cities may have their own ordinances related to this issue.

Those unfamiliar with the way the legal system works might be inclined to view the various jurisdictional levels as being something like the league structure in baseball. The federal courts might be seen as the Major Leagues. States and lower courts might be perceived as being various minor league levels. 

The higher up you go, the more dire the possible consequences you might expect in the event of a conviction. But that way of looking at things is over simplistic. The reality is that a drug crime charge or any other of the related charges that could be leveled need to be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter what jurisdiction is pressing the prosecution.

It is important to be aware that the legal procedures may differ somewhat depending on which level of jurisdiction is addressing your case. And so it is also important to be sure that the attorney you call has a depth of experience across jurisdictions so that you can be confident that your rights are being fought by someone with the appropriate skills.

Regardless of the nature of the criminal charges you face or whether the jurisdiction involves court at the state or federal level, the primary objective should be to craft a defense that assures the best possible outcome for you. We invite you to contact us to see how we can do this on your behalf. 


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