If ‘felony’ is part of the charge, it can be considered major

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As experienced criminal defense attorneys in Chicago know, major felonies get particular attention from prosecuting attorneys. But what constitutes a “major” felony? That’s something that’s a little harder to answer.

Certain criminal charges are easy to identify as major felonies. Those would include charges that stem from alleged drug trafficking, armed robberies, on up to murder or other violent crimes. But lesser offenses can result in felony charges as well and in some instances it might be surprising to find that an action has led to such a circumstance.

What comes to mind are a couple of items that made news recently. One appeared on DNA info Chicago and involved a case of alleged graffiti tagging. The second was in the Chicago Tribune and dealt with a case of possible vandalism to one of the 60 or so public art pieces from the Horses of Honor initiative in Chicago.

In both cases authorities leveled felony charges against the suspects. To be sure, the damage that was apparently done in both instances will mean costs for repair or cleanup. But no one was hurt as a result of the alleged actions.  Still, those charged in the two cases face the possibility of significant penalties in the event they are convicted.

The point we hope readers will get from this is the reality that while criminal charges may be deemed minor or major depending on the specifics of the case, a felony charge is by its nature a major issue. Those facing charges have the right to the best defense possible and should exercise that right. Providing effective defense is what our firm is committed to in every case we take on. Call to discuss whether we can help you. 


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