The serious consequences of drug offenses in Chicago

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For decades, the War on Drugs in the U.S. has resulted in massive arrest efforts and pushes to maximize penalties for even minor offenses. However, critics of this so-called war have been quick to point out that these law enforcement tactics have done little more than contribute to overpopulation in jails and skyrocketing numbers of people with criminal records.

What this has led to is an aggressive and hostile environment surrounding the enforcement of drug laws. Police will often go to great lengths to arrest someone for drug possession, distribution or trafficking, and that person could ultimately face harsh mandatory minimums. This is why people facing drug charges in Illinois should seriously consider speaking with an attorney.

Many people accused of drug offenses do not have the same familiarity and understanding of drug laws that police officers and prosecutors do. This put can them at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to searches, arrests, questioning, plea bargains and trial procedures. 

However, defense attorneys like Darryl A. Goldberg do understand these laws and can scrutinize the charges you or someone you know may be facing. 

Defending against drug charges can be very complicated, but it is certainly not impossible. There are many ways to challenge criminal allegations, from examining search procedures in order to have evidence suppressed to defending an offender’s character in order to seek reduced or minimized sentences.

Too many people, including first-time and non-violent offenders, have been locked up and had their futures jeopardized because of a conviction on drug charges. However, with an aggressive defense and the support of a criminal defense attorney, it can be possible to have charges dismissed or reduced.

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