Damage of sex charges can be done long before a trial

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Reputation is a very powerful tool for people who are influential, wealthy or high-profile. They can make much of their living based on what people think about them and must be very careful about protecting their image. 

But all it takes is an allegation of criminal sexual conduct to destroy not only a person’s reputation, but also his or her career and future. That appears to be the situation that iconic comedian Bill Cosby is currently in following the recent reports that numerous women have made rape allegations against him. 

The media and public often react negatively and immediately after these types of reports come out. In this case, the comedian’s multiple projects, including a new network sitcom and a comedy special on Netflix, have been temporarily put on hold. Reruns of “The Cosby Show,” which is what cemented Cosby’s wholesome public image, have been pulled off the air. 

This type of attention can be devastating to anyone in a situation similar to Cosby’s, and most people have no idea what they should do or say. Many people are understandably mad, scared and frustrated at what is being said or speculated about them. 

Under these circumstances, it can be crucial to seek legal representation sooner, rather than later. There may be instant damage done by these types of accusations, but there are ways to protect a person’s long-term reputation and future by seeking the help of a criminal defense attorney. In a future post, we will explore what some of these strategies may be and what options people have to defend against these types of allegations.

Source: Tech Times, “Rape Accusations Cost Bill Cosby Dearly: TV Land, NBC, Netflix Back Off,” Menchie Mendoza, Nov. 21, 2014


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