Defending yourself crucial if your civil rights were violated

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People depend on police and other legal authorities to protect people and their rights. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and the legal and justice systems end up working against the very people they are meant to protect.

Every criminal accusation should be taken very seriously. But if there is reason to suspect that police brutality, planting of evidence, false arrest or other type of misconduct played a role in the charges you could be facing, protecting yourself is not only crucial for you, but also to potentially uncover a much larger issue.

Recent news stories have highlighted the apparent frequency with which people are abused or wrongfully convicted by authorities. There are cases when police use excessive force or target people based on race or other prejudices; in some cases, the legal process is used maliciously or wrongfully. These are all types of civil rights violations, and they are not always isolated incidences.

Defending yourself against charges that include or involve the violation of your civil rights can lead to scrutiny into system- or agency-wide procedures. In some cases, a close investigation turns up evidence to suggest that there have been more people affected by this unlawful treatment and misconduct. Holding the appropriate parties accountable and defending yourself can not only protect your future, but could prompt meaningful and much-needed changes.

Civil rights violations are extremely serious, and our law firm understands that it is a very serious concern for Chicago residents. If there is reason to suspect that authorities violated your rights in the pursuit of an arrest or conviction, having legal support can be crucial. To learn more about our firm and our approach to defending against civil rights violations in Chicago, please visit our website.


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