The impact of false allegations: devastating and long-lasting

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Allegations of misconduct can prove to be devastating, regardless of if they are true or not. Even the accusation that you have done something illegal or hurt someone can be enough to dramatically change how your family, friends, employers and community treats you. Even if the criminal charges against you are ultimately dropped, there can still be some lingering doubt or misconception about you that affect your marriage, employment and reputation.

That is why there are laws in place to penalize people who knowingly make false accusations against someone else. If you have recently been wrongfully accused of a crime, you should understand that, while there may be no way to undo the damage of a fraudulent claim against you, there are actions you can take to address the accuser.

Making a false statement to police or other law enforcement agencies is taken very seriously in Illinois. In addition to upsetting the accused’s life, false reports can also be a waste of resources and cause unnecessary fear. Criminal penalties can be ordered in cases involving false reports, including fines and jail time. Civil penalties may also be ordered to address the economic and non-economic damages suffered by the person wrongfully accused.

However, before you ever take action against someone who has wrongfully accused you of a crime, you will need to address the charges you are facing as a result of those accusations. If you have been wrongfully accused of any crime, whether it is in relation to drug sales, domestic assault, sexual abuse or another serious offense, you should work with an attorney to defend and protect yourself from a wrongful conviction.

While the impact of a wrongful criminal accusation can affect your life long after a court or jury has made a ruling, clearing your name is crucial.


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