Under investigation for a federal drug crime? Know your rights

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Federal drug investigations are typically quite extensive; enormous amounts of resources are dedicated to the processes of investigating, prosecuting and sentencing for these offenses. Cases involving drug trafficking, conspiracy and virtually any suggestion that there is a drug ring or extensive network of alleged criminals making, buying or selling drugs often calls for an aggressive law enforcement response.

Many people caught up in these efforts learn the lesson too late that legal representation can be crucial. Some people think don’t need an attorney or discover too late that they have done or said something potentially incriminating. This is why it is crucial to speak with a lawyer as soon as you learn that you may be under investigation for acts related to illegal drugs.

According to the Offices of the Unites States Attorneys, the investigation is just the first step in what can be a lengthy process of pursuing criminal convictions. Drug crimes in particular can have long-term investigations in place, and police often try to make connections between separate cases in an effort to track down people who they believe to be higher up in suspected drug rings.

Because of this, officers will often use several tactics to try and get information out of suspects before they are ever charged or sentenced. Prosecutors will also offer reduced or dismissed charges in exchange for information on other alleged drug dealers, manufacturers or users.

Federal prosecutors and law enforcement agents know that people can be extremely scared and defensive when they are under investigation for a drug crime, and officers can use this to their advantage. Rather than end up saying something incriminating or getting way too involved with police efforts, anyone under investigation for a federal drug crime should understand that they have the right to speak with an attorney to have a better understanding of their rights and the legal protections in place.


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