How to defend against drug charges

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When someone is charged with a drug crime, it is understandable to think that the accused individual is in a lot of trouble — almost as if it is a foregone conclusion that he or she will be found guilty. There are a couple of things wrong with this line of thinking. First, no one is guilty until proven innocent; everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Second, there are plenty of viable defense strategies that can be used by the defendant to help his or her case.

Let’s talk about some of these strategies today. One crucial defense tactic in drug cases is the search and seizure of a person or his or her property. If an unlawful search and seizure was performed by law enforcement, then the prosecution’s case can be ruined as that evidence that was illegally seized can’t be introduced to the case.

There is also the possibility that police misconduct or poor police work was involved in your case. For example, if the police mishandle the evidence, if they violate your rights, or if they planted evidence or tried to entrap you, then the case against you can collapse.

There could also be corrupted or tainted lab test results involving the evidence in your case. If such circumstances are discovered, that evidence would likely be removed from your case.

There are plenty of ways to combat drug charges that are filed against you, just make sure that you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to make sure you case is being handled efficiently and effectively.


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