Be careful about alcohol at Halloween parties

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Halloween is still weeks away, but it is expected that anti drunk driving campaigns will be as popular as commercials touting costumes. Even though Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, parties will likely take place the weekend before. Indeed, law enforcement agencies will urge drivers to be careful, but they are also charged with arresting drivers whose BAC is above the legal limit.

Because of this, partygoers must vigilant about knowing how much alcohol is in a particular drink. But even as they try to be mindful of their alcohol intake, they still might be putting themselves in danger.

For example, the average 12 ounce beer has five percent alcohol content, but an increasing number of people are being steered towards flavored beers such as Bud Light Platinum, Bacardi Silver, Angry Orchard products, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade products. These drinks have considerably more alcohol than a traditional beer. So a person who drinks two of these will presumably have a higher BAC without even knowing it.

The same could be said about mixed drinks, especially if they are mixed prior to a party and put into large canisters and tubs. However, these drinks can be even more dangerous because a drinker may not even taste the amount of alcohol in a drink and may not feel the effects until it is too late.

Ultimately, partygoers must be especially careful at Halloween parties so that they don’t fall victim to drunk driving charges. If you have questions about your legal options after a drunk driving arrest, an experienced criminal defense attorney can advise you.

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