After months-long investigation, arrests on white collar charges

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Investigations of white collar crime can often be slow-moving, taking weeks, months and sometimes even more. A law enforcement investigation of two women recently arrested far south of Chicago reportedly began six months ago, news reports have stated.

Days ago, the women were taken into custody and charged with forgery, computer fraud and identity theft after allegedly sending forged documents to Colonial Life Insurance, Mutual of Omaha and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana insurance companies.

The two Louisiana women, 52 years old and 39 years old, had both worked at a Shreveport bank. The older woman was an insurance producer; the younger was her assistant.

Investigators claim that their work stopped a scheme to defraud the companies of about $600,000 per year.

The 52-year-old was charged with five counts each of forgery, ID theft and computer fraud. The other suspect faces single counts on the same charges.

In many similar types of cases, executives in companies across the spectrum of American industry can find themselves facing charges of fraud. The best course of action for those who believe they might be under investigation is to immediately contact an attorney experienced in white collar defense.

In some situations, criminal charges can be avoided entirely. In other cases, charges can be minimized and negative publicity and damage to reputations lessened. In Chicago, decline to speak to investigators or prosecutors until after you have contacted the law office of Darryl A. Goldberg to discuss the legal options that will best protect your freedom and rights.


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