Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine facing federal racketeering charges

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The Chicago Tribune reports that rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine (his legal name is Daniel Hernandez) was recently taken into custody by federal law enforcement agents. Hernandez and three others are facing federal racketeering and firearms charges.

The other three suspects are reportedly former associates of the 22-year-old Brooklyn-based rap star who rose to fame with last year’s hit singles “Gummo” and “Fefe.” 6ix9ine released his popular “Day69: Graduation Day” album early this year.

According to the Tribune, Hernandez has publicly stated that he is a member of a New York gang known as 9 Trey Bloods. The recently unsealed indictment alleges that the musical artist is connected to murder, robbery, extortion and drug trafficking carried out by the gang.

Federal prosecutors claim that in April of this year, Hernandez and others participated in an armed robbery of gang rivals. They also allege that he and three others agreed in July to shoot a person who they believed had been disrespectful of 9 Trey Bloods members.

Prosecutors say an innocent bystander was shot in Brooklyn when the rapper and acquaintances fired shots at their target.

Hernandez recently pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct related to a Brooklyn incident in May and was sentenced to probation back in 2015 for his involvement in a sexually explicit video that apparently included a 13-year-old girl.

Those who face federal charges should decline to speak with investigators and prosecutors until they have discussed the allegations and evidence with a criminal defense attorney experienced in protecting rights and freedoms in federal courts.


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