Suburban Chicago contractor accused of fraud, theft felonies

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One of the most prominent Chicago suburbs, Joliet sits southwest of the city. Law enforcement officials there recently arrested a 39-year-old contractor and charged him 12 felonies, including home repair fraud and theft.

Police accuse the man of bilking a pair of Joliet residents out of thousands of dollars in a home repair scam that was carried out between March 2017 and August of last year, a news report stated.

A criminal complaint states that the “”defendant knowingly entered into an unconscionable contract in the amount of $59,400 with (victim) for the materials for constructing a pole barn.” Note: pole barns are simplified storage buildings using buried posts to anchor the structures.

In the other case, the contractor has been charged with several counts of felony theft from a different alleged victim. In this matter, the defendant again contracted to build a pole barn, this time for $20,106.34, the prosecutors claim. Law enforcement officials said he “knowingly used false promises” to get the property owner to agree to the contract.

The suspect apparently told the property owner that if he was unable to get a building permit for the pole barn project, the owner would get a refund minus 20 percent.

Joliet police state that the defendant did not intend to actually construct the pole barn.

Officials claim the suspect entered into yet another contract, this time for $68,500, again using “false promises” that he never intended to fulfill.

Those facing similar white collar charges should speak with a criminal defense attorney before discussing evidence or charges with prosecutors.


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