Chicago police investigate possible false report from alderman

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It is an understatement, at the very least, to say Chicago has has a colorful political history. Another chapter was added recently when law enforcement officials said they are opening an investigation into whether Alderman Joe Moreno filed a false report about a stolen car.

According to a local newscast, the alderman’s girlfriend was arrested after Moreno reported the vehicle stolen.

Moreno has also come under recent scrutiny in an FBI investigation of public corruption.

CBS News reported that the 1st Ward alderman had told the woman that she could use his car. When a reporter spoke with her, she said he had been “so nice and polite” by allowing her to use the 2016 Audi, but that “miscommunication” had led to her arrest.

She was charged with criminal trespass, the news report stated. The charge has since been dropped, however.

Moreno said the woman is “a friend” who he “dated for awhile.” He said he was trying to help the single mom out. “She was down on her luck and needed a car,” he said.

Moreno did concede that he reported that the vehicle had been stolen, but said it was due to “a miscommunication about when she needed to return it.”

Moreno’s election opponent quickly cast the incident as evidence that Moreno lacks “dignity and integrity.”

Moreno’s name also emerged in the federal investigation of Alderman Danny Solis, though Moreno denies wrongdoing and has not been charged.

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