Chicago tow truck driver faces felony charges

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Truck drivers trying to navigate Chicago’s streets safely have to watch carefully to avoid cars and pedestrians, but also have to be aware of the overpasses as well. When the driver of a Freightliner box truck clipped a McKinley Park overpass earlier this year, he was “feeling bad because I had gotten into a major accident and I didn’t know what to do.”

Seemingly out of nowhere, a helpful tow truck driver appeared and lent a hand, hauling the damaged Freightliner to the towing company’s storage lot. However, the tow truck guy might not have been as helpful as he initially seemed: Along with another man, he was later arrested and charged with a felony count of tower solicitation.

Law enforcement officials say the pair were using a police scanner to run a predatory towing scam. Police and Cook County prosecutors say they impersonated city workers when they tried to tow another commercial truck that had gotten wedged under a viaduct.

When the tow driver had shown up to help the Freightliner trucker, he had the trucker sign a “pre-tow disclosure” and agree to a $450 towing fee and overnight storage for the box truck. But when the truck driver showed up at the storage lot the next day, he was presented with a bill for $15,108.50, according to a lawsuit filed by the trucking company.

At this point, the towing company still has possession of the truck, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

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