Attempted murder charge filed after Chicago cop, woman shot

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According to Chicago police, a 45-year-old man shot a woman in broad daylight downtown, shot a police officer and was himself shot in a gun battle before being taken into custody. The suspect now faces a long list of felonies that include attempted murder, aggravated assault of a police officer, aggravated battery with a firearm and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon.

First Deputy Supt. Anthony Riccio said at a news conference that the suspect had “posed a clear and present danger to the people of Chicago.”

The suspect is hospitalized with eight gunshot wounds, a Cook County prosecutor said.

According to a Chicago Sun-Times article, the man has exercised his right to silence and declines to speak with police investigators.

The newspaper reports that police are working on a theory that the alleged shooting of the woman in the Fulton Market District is related to a grudge the man might hold against security personnel in a nearby building. A police spokesperson said the man worked as a delivery driver who made deliveries to that building – which is the same place where the woman works.

He reportedly got into an argument with building security over showing ID.

When a police department fugitive apprehension team tracked the man down near 65th Street and Winchester Avenue, he reportedly opened fire, shooting an officer in the leg. He, too, is hospitalized.

No matter how dire things might appear in a newspaper account, the state still carries the burden of proof into court. Protect your rights at every step of the process with an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney at your side.


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