Police Say 13-Year-Old Is Person of Interest in Chicago Murder

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Chicago police recently named a 13-year-old boy as “a person of interest” in last month’s shooting death of a nurse in the Little Village neighborhood. We do not know why police have singled the young teen out, but we do know that in other situations, police use the “person of interest” label because they believe the individual might have witnessed a crime or participated in criminal activity.

No charges have been filed against the boy. However, a 19-year-old man has been arrested and charged with murder in the shooting of the 32-year-old nurse who was struck in the chest by bullets on Nov. 12 in the 3700 block of West 32nd Street.

Chicago Police Deputy Chief Brendan Deenihan conceded at a press conference that were no witnesses to the and that officers had found little evidence other than two shell casings on the ground. However, Deenihan says detectives have regardless pieced together a case against the man in custody.

He said detectives found private video of the shooting that showed a gray SUV driving by the nurse and then fleeing after shots were fired. After identifying the SUV’s make and model – apparently a Jeep Commander – detectives then tried to determine if it belonged to a gang member in rival territory.

According to officials, a Jeep believed to be the one driven in the shooting was spotted in mid-November and pursued by police. Illinois State Police joined the pursuit on Interstate 94 before the vehicle crashed into a car at 75th Street and Lafayette Avenue.

The driver was taken into custody on charges related to the chase; he was the man later arrested for murder.

Deenihan said at the news conference that the man arrested is believed to be the driver in the shooting and that the person who pulled the trigger might be a teenager. He added that “detectives feel very strongly they know who the shooter is” and investigators continue to try to build a case.

He also said the man in custody is not cooperating with officials.

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