Chicago man charged in $50,000 diamond theft

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If you drive just north of Cook County, you will find Lake County and Gurnee. According to news reports, a Chicago man was recently arrested there and charged for his alleged involvement in the theft of $50,000 worth of diamonds.

Law enforcement officials said the diamonds were stolen from a Gurnee jewelry store in December.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office arrested the 43-year-old on a charge of theft of over $10,000

Officials said Gurnee investigators used social media in their efforts to identify a suspect and then received help from Chicago law enforcement agencies to find him.

According to a news article in the Chicago Tribune, a man walked into a Gurnee Grand Avenue jewelry store on Dec. 30 and asked a salesperson if he could look at some items. While in conversation with the salesperson, the man grabbed the items and ran from the store.

Police said no threats were made in the incident “and there were no indications a weapon was involved.”

Theft charges in Illinois can be quite complex. While theft of something valued at $500 or less is typically charged as a Class A misdemeanor, the charge can morph into something more serious if the property is taken directly from another person.

If the property is taken directly from an individual, it is possible that a Class 3 felony theft charge will be filed.

Other possible theft charges include Class 4 felony theft, which involves theft of school or government property valued at $500 or less. And of course, theft of property valued at between $10,000 and $100,000 can be charged as a Class 2 felony punishable by three to seven years in prison.

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