Chicago Women Sue Disgraced Former Cops Over False Arrests

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On the list of disgraced and corrupt Chicago cops, former officers Xavier Elizondo and David Salgado will always have prominent places. The two were convicted last October of manufacturing evidence, stealing money and drugs and then engaging in a cover-up of their criminal activities.

Elizondo and Salgado are back in the news after two city residents filed federal lawsuits against the pair, stating that the former officers illegally raided their homes using warrants based on fabricated information and then falsely arrested them.

The shamed former cops were convicted in October on all counts of conspiracy, theft and obstruction of justice. They raided the home of one of the plaintiffs twice and raided the other Plaintiff’s home once. Criminal charges in both underlying cases were dropped.

Both plaintiffs complain that the former police officers raided their Chicago homes and arrested them without cause. One of the plaintiffs filed her suit on behalf of her two children were present during the raid and arrest.

She says Salgado and Elizondo arrived at her home with other officers January 2018. They woke her son, then 16 years old, at gunpoint and then placed him in handcuffs. They then made the teen call his mom on the phone – threatening to arrest him if he didn’t comply.

Elizondo and Salgado then claimed that they found heroin in the woman’s bedroom, though charges were later dropped. The woman says the raid has had a lasting traumatic effect on her children. “They cannot even hear a knock on the door without being scared,” she said.

The officers raided her home again in January of last year, apparently in retaliation for the woman’s efforts to expose their wrongdoing.

The other plaintiff alleges that in October 2017 the former cops raided her home using a “bogus search warrant” and then charged her with drug crimes. All charges in the case were dropped in June 2018.

Attorney Darryl Goldberg has represented clients in cases like these in both criminal and civil court; Mr. Goldberg has successfully vacated a criminal conviction and sentence for a defendant convicted based on the lies of these two officers and also sued the officers civilly, along with the City of Chicago, and obtained money for his client as a result of the officer’s illegal conduct. If you have had your civil liberties violated or been subjected to police brutality or false arrest by renegade cops, please contact The Law Offices of Darryl A. Goldberg at 773-793-3196.


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