Pair accused of identity theft and fraud

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If you drive about 18 miles southwest of Chicago, you will arrive in the Village of Homer Glen. A pair of men were recently arrested there after a two-year investigation on charges of identity theft, fraud and forgery-related crimes, the Will County Sheriff’s Office said.

A law enforcement source told the Herald-News that the investigation was the “largest of its kind ever conducted in Will County.”

The men allegedly made repeated “illegal and unauthorized use of victims’ financial and identification information” to buy expensive items online and then resell them. Police estimate that there’s been a “loss to victims in excess of $1 million dollars in the past 24 months.”

Among the items purchased with fake credit cards, police say, are tractors, lawnmowers, appliances and leather goods.

The arrests were made at a Homer Glen residence where police said they also found devices used to make fraudulent credit cards and ID cards. Among the items seized were a card-embossing machine and a device that can encode and re-encode credit cards.

Officials said they also found fraudulent credit cards and drivers’ licenses at the home, as well as a number of fraudulently purchased items, including appliances, phones, computers and more.

Local law enforcement officers were joined in making the arrests by DEA and U.S. Secret Service agents, as well as officers with other agencies, including the Chicago Police Department.

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