Is there an increased crackdown on gun crimes?

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Given events of the past couple years, the importance of and enforcement of criminal laws regulating gun ownership and use have become front page news. Instances of gun violence, charges and convictions seem to be increasing drastically in the past year.

Perhaps nowhere is this increase more prevalent than in Chicago. According to the Chicago Sun Times, “The number of shooting victims [in 2021] is more than triple what it was for all of 2019.” But this trend is not limited to the greater Chicagoland area. In fact, there are strong federal initiatives focused on curbing gun crimes throughout the country, including Illinois.

Federal initiatives

Over the past six months, federal authorities have announced renewed efforts and strategies for curbing gun violence. In June, the Department of Justice formed the Firearms Trafficking Strike Force. This initiative will be focusing on stopping up the channels of firearms trafficking in order to stop illegal possession and use of firearms; however, the federal government has been cracking down on gun offender for some time.  For example, federal prosecutors routinely pick up cases of repeat gun offenders being prosecuted in state court. However, even after that happens, the right attorney can make all the difference in the world.

Take for instance a case where a young man with multiple firearm convictions in his background was brought into federal court and Attorney Darryl Goldberg convinced prosecutors that despite video evidence of the defendant in possession of the handgun and marijuana, the case should be dismissed because the evidence was obtained illegally.

In a recent press release, the United States  Attorney for Northern District of Illinois, John R. Lausch, Jr., laid out the multi-faceted plan for reduction of gun violence and gun crimes.

In brief:

  • Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) continues to be the central effort of the DOJ’s efforts to reduce violent crime. This program involves enforcement efforts against violent offenders, and coordination efforts with multiple local programs.
  • The Chicago Strike Force, announced in July, will focus on the illegal gun trafficking by clogging up the supply lines.
  • The DOJ will also push for more aggressive pre-trial detainment of known violent criminals who might pose a danger.
  • Greatly increased collaborative efforts to identify and stop gangs and other groups who work together to commit violent crimes and firearms violations.

These are only a few of the coordinated efforts by various local and federal authorities to stop violent crimes and weapons violations in particular. There has been a particular focus on repeat gun offenders and those who provide the weapons to people who should not have them or use them in violation of the law.

The takeaway

These efforts can appear impressive and even intimidating as designed, and the federal government is going to work hard to coordinate efforts locally, to stop supply chains for gun trafficking and to prosecute violent crimes aggressively as they have been.

But nothing fundamental has changed for the accused, as the law still requires not only proof beyond a reasonable doubt, but the use of evidence that was legally obtained before you can be convicted. If you are facing gun possession or violent crime charges, in federal or state court, contact an attorney experienced in defending against these particular types of cases, if not you might end up in prison for years.

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