How to win the digital evidence war

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We live in a digital era. Police use body cameras. There are cameras and home security systems littered throughout every neighborhood. ATM machines usually have security cameras that are always recording what they see. Even the smartphones carried by most citizens can be used by the police to obtain valuable evidence.

For many defendants in criminal cases, this is bad news, because it is easier than ever for the police to get the evidence needed for a conviction.

However, the digital evidence benefit can work both ways. With a skilled attorney, you can use the same technology the police are using to invalidate their evidence and weaken or dismiss the case against you.

An example case

One case I handled for a man named “TB,” we used the technology available to great effect.

TB was facing a roughly 30-year prison sentence in federal court under the federal sentencing guidelines for drug and firearm charges. I took over the case from his previous attorney and after investigating the matter filed a motion to suppress evidence and quash arrest on the grounds that the police had violated his constitutional rights.

I used the same technology the police had used to obtain the evidence against my client. Timing up the various information sources often used by the police, I proved that the police were lying about how and when they obtained the evidence used in the case.

I used that evidence and cross-examined the arresting officers until the prosecutor dismissed all charges in the middle of the hearing after I cross examined the police officers.

Rather than serving a potential life sentence in federal prison, my client’s case was dismissed and he was   a free man.

Using technology to protect your rights

Although police can use modern technology to obtain evidence against a defendant, a skilled criminal defense lawyer can use the same technology to protect a defendant’s rights or even prove their innocence.

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, and the prosecutor has digital evidence against you, contact attorney Darryl Goldberg at the Law Offices of Darryl A. Goldberg; we have experience of turning the tables on the police and prosecution and using technology to defend your rights. The right attorney will find any evidence of error or foul play on the part of the police and use it to your benefit.


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