Department of Justice Continues Crackdown on Fentanyl

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DOJ Arrests Chinese Nationals for Fentanyl Distribution

Two weeks ago the Department of Justice announced that they indicted eight Chinese nationals and filed criminal charges against four Chinese chemical manufacturing companies for alleged fentanyl manufacturing and distribution, along with other charges. Two of the eight, a corporate executive and marketing manager, have been arrested. The charges are the first of their kind, with one DEA agent stating these are the first charges the federal government have filed against chemical companies and executive in China. The companies are accused in three separate indictments of selling the precursor elements necessary for the production of fentanyl to customers in the U.S. and Mexico, where it is then manufactured before distribution, some with links to violent Mexican cartels. This is consistent with the Department of Justice prioritizing fentanyl enforcement efforts.

Biden Administration Raised Concerns Over Chinese Manufacturing in Recent Visit

The crackdown comes just after US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, met with Chinese officials in China and sought their cooperation in curbing the distribution of fentanyl to the United States. The issue of fentanyl is widespread, as two-thirds of overdose deaths in the United States in the last two years have been linked to the drug. Lawmakers are taking notice of the role Chinese companies play in the market, passing the Fentanyl Results Act that requires the state department to work with foreign law enforcement to “work on detecting synthetic drugs” like fentanyl before it crosses into the US. In April, the DOJ announced similar charges against members of the Sinaloa cartel and the sons of former cartel leader “El Chapo” in relation to fentanyl distribution in the United States. The Department of Justice for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago has also seen an increase in fentanyl prosecutions in recent years as the federal government increases its focus on the drug. If you are being investigated or charged with fentanyl or drug distribution or conspiracy offense, contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to represent you and fight to maintain your liberty.


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