Ex-Top Staffer Found Guilty as Part of Federal Investigation into Public Corruption

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Former-Chief of Staff for Former-House Speaker Madigan Found Guilty of Obstruction and Perjury

A federal jury only needed 5 hours to find longtime ex-Chief of Staff to Michael Madigan, Tim Mapes eguilty of obstruction of justice and perjury charges stemming from statements given to a federal grand jury that was investigating the former House Speaker of the Illinois legislature and other legislators. Despite being given immunity for his testimony, Mr. Mapes is convicted of lying to the grand jury about what he knew and/or what he remembered about specific allegations against his former boss and others in his political circle, nullifying his immunity and subjecting him to charges over his dishonest statements. Prosecutors relied on secret F.B.I. recordings of another Madigan associate, Michael McClain, to undermine his ignorance claim and show the inner workings of those in Madigan’s political circle.

Federal Investigation into Illinois Corruption Continues

Mr. Mapes faces sentencing in January and could serve a maximum of 25 years in prison and is the seventh individual to be convicted in Chicago this year as a result of federal public corruption investigations and may not be the last in the near future. Madigan and others face their own trial currently set for April on accusations of running a racketeering conspiracy related to their time in public office, along with other trials of prominent Illinois political figures. The Acting U.S. Attorney Morris Pasqual, in a written statement, said “this conviction should stand as a clear message to witnesses who choose to violate their oath to tell the truth before a grand jury that they will be held accountable.”

Being subpoenaed to testify or even provide documents to a grand jury can pose a host of problems, be difficult to navigate, and many believe can be a perjury trap. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help guide individuals who have been subpoenaed before a grand jury. If you have received a grand jury subpoena, or even a subpoena to testify in any civil or criminal case, contact an experienced attorney to understand your rights and who can help protect your interests.


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