Justice Department to Focus on Antitrust Enforcement

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New Task Force Announced to Focus on Healthcare

The Department of Justice recently unveiled a new task force aiming to root out monopolies and collusion in the healthcare market, including shaping policy decisions, conducting investigations, and, when warranted, bringing civil and criminal enforcement actions. The task force will “identify and root out monopolies and collusive practices that increase costs, decrease quality and create single points of failure in the healthcare industry” Assistance Attorney General Jonathan Kanter said in a statement. In an interview, Kanter went on to say, “Today’s announcement essentially explains that we are upping our game and we are going to elevate the importance of healthcare antitrust enforcement.” The task force comes with the government paying more attention to the healthcare industry and its increasing costs for US consumers. In February it was reported by The Wall Street Journal that UnitedHealth Group was being investigated for antitrust concerns by the DOJ over concerns about the company’s size and scope in the industry.

DOJ Announces Lawsuit Against Live Nation Over Antitrust Violations

This week, the DOJ announced a lawsuit against Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster and various music venues, seeking to break up the company over allegations of antitrust violations. The suit, joined by 30 states, follows a probe by the Department of Justice over allegations of maintaining a monopoly over the ticketing industry. Although Live Nation said in a statement the allegations are “absurd,” according to the DOJ lawsuit, Live Nation currently controls more than 60 of the top 100 amphitheaters in the United States and roughly 80 percent of primary ticketing at major concert venues through Ticketmaster. Last year, the United States Senate issued a subpoena to Live Nation and Ticketmaster after severe disruptions in the sale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” led to steep prices for US consumers on the secondary market. Although Live Nation will undoubtedly fight the lawsuit, it is clear that the Department of Justice is placing a greater emphasis on antitrust enforcement in multiple industries, the reach of which is not yet completely known.


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