Supreme Court Declines to Review Illinois Assault Rifle Ban

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Decision Not to Hear Case Sets Up Future Decision

As we have previously covered, the Supreme Court seemed poised to review the constitutionality of the Illinois law which banned the sale and transfer of various assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. However, the Supreme Court declined to review existing challenges to the law, instead opting to return the cases to the lower courts so they may review if the law violates the Second Amendment under the current legal framework set by the Supreme Court in recent decisions. “We will definitely be back,” Hannah Hill, executive director of the National Foundation for Gun Rights, one of the groups who brought their challenge to the Supreme court wrote on X. Indeed, Justice Thomas and Alito wrote that they would have heard the cases, with Justice Thomas writing that the current appeal, “illustrates why this court must provide more guidance on which weapons the Second Amendment covers.” Many observers agreed that the decision not to review the case at this time will nevertheless inevitably requiring the court to weigh in on the ban in one form or another. In the meantime, anyone accused of violating the Illinois statute should hire an experienced attorney who will keep abreast of further developments to the legal landscape and ensure their interests and liberty are protected.


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