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Federal Crimes Archives

Back the Blue Act reintroduced on Capitol Hill

Last week, our blog discussed how Attorney General Jeff Session's recent order directing all 94 U.S. Attorneys to start charging and pursuing the most "serious" offenses, meaning those carrying "the most substantial guidelines sentence, including mandatory minimum sentences," was already creating considerable controversy.

Is it really a federal offense to aim a laser pointer at an aircraft?

We're officially entering graduation season for high schools, colleges and universities throughout the Chicagoland area, across Illinois and around the nation. While this is a time to reflect on the past, contemplate the future and celebrate accomplishments, it's also a time to blow off some steam.

AG Sessions vows DOJ will continue white collar crime crackdown

It's now been over 100 days since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. While there is currently considerable debate in the press as to newly installed administration's accomplishments over this timeframe, there has never been any debate as to some of the strategies and stances it planned to pursue upon taking command of the White House.

How the federal government diagnoses Medicare fraud - II

Last week, we discussed just how shocking it can be for medical professionals, who have spent so much time pursuing their education, advancing their careers and building a reputation, to discover that they are under investigation or facing federal charges for some manner of Medicaid fraud or abuse.

Don't underestimate the gravity of wire fraud charges - II

Last time, our blog began discussing how federal prosecutors frequently pursue wire fraud charges when they aren't confident in their odds of securing a conviction in a case alleging a more serious white collar crime owing to the fact that they're easier to prove and severely punished. In other words, the Department of Justice views it as a sort of catchall crime.

DOJ: Preset bail amounts unlawfully discriminate against indigent defendants

Local and state court systems across the nation have increasingly come under fire from advocacy groups for using preset bail systems, which they argue are designed to unfairly punish indigent defendants charged with minor offenses, keeping them behind bars in furtherance of no viable public safety interest.

Are you familiar with the in and outs of insider trading? - III

In a series of ongoing posts, our blog has been discussing insider trading, a white collar crime that has the decidedly odd distinction of being both universally known and universally misunderstood. In recognition of this reality, we've spent some time providing some basic background information on this topic in order to answer questions and clarify misconceptions.

Are you familiar with the in and outs of insider trading? - II

Last week, our blog started exploring some basic background information about insider trading, a widely reported white collar crime that is often not fully comprehensible to those outside of legal circles and the law enforcement community. In today's post, we'll continue our efforts to answer any lingering questions about this somewhat arcane topic.

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