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Know your rights when interacting with law enforcement - II

Last time, we began discussing just how distressing any sort of encounter with state or federal law enforcement officials can be for the average person. We also discussed how the fear engendered by these encounters can sometimes be so great that it leads people to mistakenly believe that they are somehow obligated to assist with investigatory efforts or, worse, that they are without rights.

A closer look at the president's power to grant clemency

With his second term in the Oval Office just over two months from ending, many in the legal community have had questions about whether President Obama would continue his heretofore remarkable efforts under his administration's clemency initiative, giving those convicted of nonviolent drug crimes and effectively sent to federal prison for life under draconian mandatory-minimum sentencing schemes a second chance.

What does it really mean to be accused of money laundering? - III

Over the last few weeks, our blog has been taking a closer look at money laundering, including the elements that must be proven by federal prosecutors in order to secure a conviction and an examination of what type of conduct falls within the ambit of this criminal offense.

What does it really mean to be accused of money laundering?

There are certain criminal offenses that undoubtedly seem mystifying to the average person despite their prevalence in television, film and literature. Indeed, when critically acclaimed crime dramas use terms like RICO, embezzlement or money laundering, the typical viewer has, at best, only a general idea of what these criminal charges are actually referencing.

Understanding how Illinois views bribery-related offenses

From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, Illinois has long and proud political history. As rich as our state's political past is, however, it would perhaps be remiss to overlook the fact that it has had a few darker chapters, including two recent governors convicted on charges related to bribery.     

How much do you really know about embezzlement?

When you hear certain terms like wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and, of course, embezzlement, there is a natural inclination to associate these crimes with agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and, of course, the Department of Justice.

Should colleges change their approach to criminal records?

At this time of the year, high school seniors across the state of Illinois and around the nation are busy preparing for their final exams and, more significantly, their walk across the stage to accept their diplomas. For the majority of these young people, the next stop on their academic journey will be the start of their freshman year at their college of choice.

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