You were convicted of a crime: now what?

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After spending a great deal of time and effort defending yourself against one or several criminal charges, it can be absolutely devastating to learn that you have been convicted. It can be easy to assume that all hope is lost and you are out of options.

However, this is simply not true. You should know that you may have options for post-conviction relief to challenge that conviction or the sentence that was imposed. Not every application for an appeal or other type of relief is successful, so it can be crucial to take this process as or more seriously than you may have taken your defense.

No matter what type of relief you may be seeking, there will typically be some complicated work that must be done. To begin with, it needs to be established what you are challenging and what you want to happen. For example, are you looking for a new trial? Do you think there are grounds to modify your sentence? Do you want to have your record of conviction sealed?

Once this is determined, you’ll need to understand that there must be grounds to challenge criminal convictions. For example, were your rights violated by the conviction or sentence issued? Did new evidence become available since a conviction?

If there are in fact grounds to seek post-conviction relief, the appeals process will proceed. 

Because of how complicated this process is and because there is so much at stake when challenging a conviction or sentence, it can be crucial to have the support of an attorney like Darryl Goldberg who is familiar with both the state and federal appeals process. To discuss your case and explore your options for relief, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more about our law firm and our services. 

While a criminal conviction and sentence can be devastating for you and your family, you should remember that you may still have options to review, adjust or possibly even reverse an initial ruling.


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