Chicago man facing drugs and weapons charges

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Just outside of Chicago’s northwest city limits sits the village of Rosemont. Known mainly for its convention center and venues for sports and concerts, it doesn’t typically generate a lot of headlines. A recent arrest there garnered some media attention, however.

The 21-year-old Chicago resident now faces eight charges, including possession of a controlled substance and manufacturing or delivering cannabis. He also faces two weapons-related charges, law enforcement officials said.

The arrest had its genesis in a car accident on River Road. The 21-year-old allegedly sideswiped another vehicle and he and the other driver were in a heated exchange about the incident when police arrived.

A responding police officer said he noticed the odor of cannabis from the 21-year-old’s vehicle. The man told the officer that there was no marijuana in the vehicle, but that he did have “Whip Its” – small cans containing nitrous oxide.

He was asked to get out of his car and he was patted down. The officer observed that the man was in possession of a silver handgun; the man said the firearm’s magazine was in his sock. He was then arrested by the officer.

A search of the vehicle turned up a bag containing a white powder, which was later tested positive for cocaine.

The suspect apparently told police that he bought the weapon outside of a Chicago convenience store and purchased the cocaine at an open-air drug market.

In addition to the drug charges, he is also accused of unlawful use of a weapon and defacing the identification mark of firearm.

If convicted of all charges, he faces the possibility of years of incarceration.

Those in similar situations should speak with a criminal defense attorney before discuss evidence or charges with prosecutors.


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