Drug Trafficking

Chicago Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

In the government’s decades-long “war on drugs,” drug trafficking and distribution has been treated very seriously. Convictions often carry mandatory sentences in federal prison. If you are under investigation or have been charged with drug trafficking, do not hesitate to enlist an experienced defense attorney.

Chicago drug trafficking defense lawyer Darryl Goldberg is a prominent attorney defending clients against state and federal drug charges in Illinois and beyond. Complex, high-stakes trafficking cases are his focus. He has achieved many positive outcomes for clients and will work diligently to get a similar result for you.

Powerful Defense Against Drug Trafficking And Related Charges

Drug trafficking is often charged along with other crimes that are related to drug activity. When Mr. Goldberg takes a case, he is prepared to defend against every possible accusation, including:

  • The drug trafficking charge itself
  • Drug transportation
  • Drug smuggling/importation of drugs
  • Conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute a controlled substance
  • Drug possession with intent to sell
  • Simple possession
  • Maintaining a drug or “stash house”
  • Operating or working in a “row house” or “grow operation”
  • Racketeering

Click here to read about Illinois v. LN-C, a case where Mr. Goldberg’s client was charged with intent to distribute cocaine. Mr. Goldberg got the entire case dismissed.

The penalties you face will vary based on a number of factors. The prosecution will ask for heavier penalties if the quantity of drugs is high, certain types of drugs are involved, if the drugs came in from another country or if they were sold to minors. You can rely on attorney Goldberg to fight for the outcome that impacts you the least.

Fighting Asset Seizure

Law enforcement often seizes property alleged to have been bought with “drug money”, proceeds of a crime, or used in a commission of a crime; and they often seize this illegally. Police and prosecutors will often attempt to forfeit vehicles, cash and other valuable property, whether or not they have actual proof that the property was used in, or related to the commission of a crime. This is called asset forfeiture. If law enforcement is attempting to forfeit your assets, contact attorney Darryl Goldberg will fight to have your property returned.

Accused Of Transporting Drugs? Call A Will County Lawyer

Drug trafficking convictions carry serious penalties. Protect yourself by calling Chicago drug lawyer Darryl Goldberg at 773-793-3196 or contact his law firm online. Your initial consultation is free. Mr. Goldberg represents clients in Illinois and nationwide.

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