Illinois marijuana legalization bill proposed

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According to the Chicago Tribune, a new proposal by an Illinois lawmaker has kicked off the latest round of debate on marijuana legalization here. Rep. Carol Ammons has filed a bill to legalize recreational weed use and would also allow licensed businesses to grow and sell cannabis. It would also enable state residents to grow up to two dozen plants at home.

The bill would also allow businesses to create weed consumption areas in which their customers could imbibe.

Rep. Ammons’s measure would also mandate a 10 percent tax on weed-related net income. Those funds would then to local governments. An additional 10 percent excise tax would go to the state.

Before anyone starts celebrating her proposal, the Tribune says the bill faces “an uphill fight” to even be considered in Springfield. The newspaper notes that proposals like this one – introduced by lone lawmakers – typically “never see a vote.”

The Tribune adds that the battle to legalize medical marijuana was one that took years of debate, negotiations and deal-making by a veteran lawmaker.

A more restrictive proposal is deemed to have a better chance of approval, the paper says. It comes from a pair of Chicago legislators who have been working on cannabis legalization for more than a year. They have also secured the approval of Gov. J.B. Pritzker and House Speaker Michael Madigan.

The bills would reshape the legal landscape, reducing the number of people arrested in Illinois each year for not only possession, but also for trafficking, while simultaneously increasing revenue for the state’s coffers.

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