Arrests on drug trafficking charges after raid on Illinois home

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There is no doubt that some of our Chicago readers attended Western Illinois University in Macomb. While the town is usually sleepy (except for student parties, of course), it woke up recently to news of arrests on drug-trafficking and firearms charges.

Law enforcement officials said that after a month-long investigation, officers and a SWAT team executed a search warrant at a residence while the Illinois National Guard provided a helicopter to assist with the raid.

A police spokesperson said the helicopter was used to surveil the home and protect the participating officers. Inside the house, two people were arrested.

A 19-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with the manufacture/delivery of cannabis greater than 500 Grams and less than 2,000 grams. He is also accused of possession more than 500 grams and less than 2,000 grams, as well as resisting a police officer.

A 21-year-old suburban Chicago woman was also arrested on the same trafficking and possession charges.

Six other people were taken into custody at the home, but were apparently released after questioning. Police said they suspect that in addition to weed, MDMA (known as ecstasy) is also sold from the residence.

Officers reported seizing nearly four pounds of marijuana (1,726 grams) and a firearm from the home.

The two young adults arrested face the possibility of spending significant time behind bars in an Illinois prison if convicted on all the charges. They would be wise to decline to speak to investigators or prosecutors until after they have talked over the evidence, charges and their legal options with a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney.


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