Mortgage Fraud

Chicago Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Given the subprime mortgage crisis and its devastating effect on our national economy, as well as the general rise in more sophisticated so-called “white collar crime,” federal and state law enforcement agencies are aggressively investigating and prosecuting alleged mortgage fraud schemes and real estate fraud matters. Because the penalties are so harsh, fight back with an aggressive and experienced criminal defense lawyer who has experience defending white collar criminal cases, such as mortgage and real estate fraud; contact Darryl A. Goldberg before it’s too late!

Law enforcement are targeting mortgage brokers, appraisers, originators, real estate agents, straw buyers, and all others involved in the loan and purchase process.

Some say mortgage fraud schemes are the crime du jour, meaning these fraud schemes are more prevalent than ever. Estimated losses due to mortgage fraud in 2006 alone are between $946 million – $4.2 billion. Whether you’re being investigated by a grand jury, paid a visit by the F.B.I. or local law enforcement, or charged with a crime, contact Darryl A. Goldberg , a lawyer who will fight for you.

While there are no federal mortgage fraud statutes per se, many federal prosecutors use a variety of criminal statutes to prosecute mortgage fraud including the mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering statutes. Typically, mortgage fraud and real estate fraud cases are divided into two categories: fraud for housing and fraud for profit. Most mortgage fraud prosecutions stem from fraud for profit schemes. Whether you’re accused of lying on a loan application, inflating an appraisal, creating fictitious properties, contact Darryl A. Goldberg to aggressively defend you and fight for your freedom.