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While racketeering influenced and corrupt organization or RICO conspiracy charges are relatively easy for the government to prove, there are several ways to build a successful defense. In fact, a RICO charge is often just one of many additional charges that a prosecutor will throw at a defendant.

Because of the gravity of the charge and the fact that conviction could lead to the forfeiture of your assets and a stiff prison sentence, it is essential that you have an experienced defense lawyer working for you when facing RICO charges or any other criminal charges. Darryl A. Goldberg is an experienced criminal defense attorney who aggressively defends clients accused of RICO, money laundering, federal drug charges and white collar crimes, among others.

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Successful Defense Of RICO And Money Laundering Charges

In certain situations, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) enables the government to file broad catchall charges against people it suspects of profiting or being involved, either directly or indirectly, in a pattern of ongoing criminal activity. Actual proof of a criminal act is not always necessary – the prosecution just has to show that you agreed to an action leading to a crime. This aspect of the law however, can provide the means for a successful defense of the charge. If you can cast doubt upon the prosecution’s demonstration of knowledge or intent, you may be able to get the charge thrown out.

Often, Money Laundering or RICO charges are brought in addition to other federal charges. For example, when the Government prosecutes individuals or groups of people involved in drug trafficking or drug conspiracy cases, it often adds additional money laundering charges. However, there have been many recent changes in the law and its very important to have an experienced and trained criminal defense lawyer who knows how to defend against these accusations.

Darryl A. Goldberg is highly knowledgeable of criminal procedure and the rules of evidence. He is also skilled in the use of pretrial motions designed to suppress illegally obtained evidence and can also represent you in asset forfeiture hearings.

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